3 tips to promote your Stream, Youtube and Social Medias using Creator Pages

Tip #1 - get it out there!
One of the most excellent perks with having a Creator Page is the fact that you get one link to showcase all of your content. You can, for example, share that link in your Instagram bio, Twitch profile, Youtube video description and Twitter profile, effectively allowing your new and existing fans to keep track of your latest content easily.

Encourage your fans to create Lurkit Accounts and follow your page. They will then get all your content in their Lurkit feed.

Tip #2 - explain the value - show the value
We know how your fans struggle with staying up to date with their favorite creators, it's part of the reasons we built Creator Pages in the first place! And to be honest - logging in to five different platforms and searching for the same person isn't intuitive.

This has lead to many creators struggling with simultaneously growing their stream, Youtube channel and social medias at the rate they desire. It's not an uncommon scenario for a creator who started as a streamer to have a following on Twitch of hundreds of thousands of followers while struggling to push into the tens of thousands on Instagram and Twitter.

Take time out your stream, video or post to explain why you think your creator page solves one of your fanbases' biggest problem - and grow your following across all platforms in the process!

Tip #3 - brand it like a boss
Enter 2020. The average attention span of a content consumer is decreasing, and the competition fighting for it is increasing. As a direct result of this, how you brand and promote yourself as a creator is more important than ever.

Your Creator Page is an excellent way of taking control of the situation! You can organize your content in whatever way you see fit, link to all your ongoing campaigns and highlight the platforms you want to push. 

We are releasing Creator Pages 2.0 very soon™, giving you even more options and customizability. We look forward to providing features like choosing your colors and more options when it comes to presenting your content!