How do I set up my payment for Lurkit Quests?

Lurkit uses Stripe for secure payments. Here's how to set it up.

Setting up your payment is required in order to have access to Quests. 

To begin, click on Quests tab after logging in. From here, you will be prompted with a multi-step setup. 
quests start edit

quest set up page 1

Enter a short bio and add a picture if you want. Choose your Language and Location that will help you find compatible Quests. You can also set a minimum deal size, meaning the smallest amount of money you are willing to submit content for. 

quest set up page 2

Next, setup your integrations. Double check your YouTube and Twitch accounts are connected, and add additional integrations such as Twitter or a website. You can also add social media accounts in the Additional Links section. This is helpful for Companies to get an overview of who you are and your reach as a Content Creator. 

Step 3 of the Setup is confirming your Email Address and checking which types of notifications you'd like to receive related to Quest. Finally, on Step 4, you need to set up your payment. 

quest set up page 4

Lurkit uses Stripe for secure payments. Click on Set Up Payouts, which should open up a new page on Stripe. Begin by putting in your information for your phone number and email address. Next, you will have to verify your device by entering a code that is sent to it. 

code verif

Once your phone is verified, continue to fill out your information with your country, as well as your type of business. For most streamers, you can put "Individual/Self Establishment" unless you have your own registered company. 

country and bussiness type
Next, you need to fill out your business details. As an Individual or Sole Proprietor, you don't need to fill out the Company Registration Number section. Provide your Business Address and continue to the next section.

bussiness details
Stripe needs additional information to verify your business, so press the Verify Now button to go to the next section. You will need to provide a business document. For most countries, you can use a passport, drivers license, or a state issued ID card. For more information on the types of documents accepted, can check out this page. 

verify now

After submitting a document, the final page is reviewing your details and pressing Done once you confirm everything is correct. 

review details

And you're done! Payment set up.