How does payment work for Quests?

We partnered with Stripe to handle payments and ensure that all parties are satisfied before payment is sent out.

Lurkit uses Stripe to handle payments. The payment from start to finish goes like this:

1. First, you need to set up a Quest.

2. Next, Creators will send bids which you can Reject, Accept, or make a counteroffer for.

3. After a bid is accepted, Companies are prompted to pay the bid to proceed with the next step. This is done through a Cart function that is similar to most online shopping interfaces. Payment goes through Stripe.

Note: You can pay for multiple creators at once using the Cart menu by clicking the shopping cart icon on the top right of the screen when logged in.

4. After payment is confirmed, Lurkit holds on to the money until the company has accepted the content submission from the Creator.

5. Once content is approved by the company, Lurkit will transfer the funds to the Creator's connected account.

6. If the Creator does not fulfil their end of the agreement, the company will be eligible for a refund.