How long does it take to get verified for Quests?

A couple of days, but might take longer over the weekend

To be accepted into the Quest program, you must complete the Lurkit onboarding process as well as the Stripe payment process in order for one of our members to review your account. 

Once you complete these two processes, it can take a couple of days to be accepted as all accounts are manually reviewed and times can vary. 

If you still haven't been verified after a week, you can reach out to us by sending an email to

Reasons why you might not be verified:

  • Your accounts have no new recent videos
  • Your account has no gaming-related videos
  • Your account has suspicious activity (follower growth/CCV)
  • You have not completed the Stripe onboarding process
  • Your account has no commentary and we cannot verify you are the owner of the videos
  • Your account has all private videos and we cannot verify your vods/videos.