How much should I charge for a Quest as a creator?

Short answer: 1 USD per hour of content per Average CCV. Long answer: It depends!


Offering a bid for a Quest is very important. Your bid amount can be the difference between a company working with you or not. But how much should you charge? 

Keep in mind that your bid is a total amount. Lurkit does not perform calculations to determine what your payout will be. 

To make things easier to understand, we can separate the three key elements of what you will use to calculate your rate.

  1. Your Average Concurrent Viewers (CCV) that is displayed in your Dashboard.

  1. The duration of the video or stream you will allocate.
  2. The value you want to charge per hour.

The following calculations are for your personal use only to figure out how much you should make your bid!

As a baseline, simple metric, you can use the equation: 

  • Rate = $1 * hours * CCV

Let's say you want to do a 30-minute video and you have a CCV of 10 viewers, that would be $1 times 0.5 hours, times 10 CCV. 

1 ✖️ 0.5 ✖️ 10 = $5. 

                                                           1$       30m        10 CCV

Someone who has a CCV of 125 and wants to do an hour stream can charge the following:

                                                          1 ✖️ 1 ✖️ 125 = $125. 

                                                          1 $     60m     125 CCV

Remember, this is a basic way to get an idea of how much to charge and make your bid for. Other factors can change how much you charge for a Quest and are important to take into account!

Your Reach

The amount of followers can lead you to overcharging a bit or having to undercharge. If you are not pulling a lot of viewers or see that you aren't getting accepted into any Quests, you can increase the amount of hours you'll cover, or lower your rate so companies will take your bid. 

Conversely, if you know your network and audience are very strong, you can increase the amount of USD per CCV to get bigger deals. Maybe you have a lot of viewers on Twitch and YouTube, with a large social media following.

Keep in mind, what you charge is up to you and whether or not it is accepted will be up to the developers/publishers. 

Your Audience

If you play a lot of platformer games and know your audience is super into platformers, then you could increase the amount of USD per CCV if you're bidding for a platformer-type Quest. This applies to all genres. If your audience would be a good fit for the type of game, then it makes sense that your video will be more valuable! 

Success Rate

Depending on your bids, you might want to play around with the bid offer to see what works best for you. Sometimes a lower bid can result in more Quests, whereas a higher bid can result in fewer Quests, but more money per Quest. 

It depends on your progress and finding the right number. It is also important to keep in mind that each company is different. One person can think one bid is too high while another might think it is just right or even would pay you if you bid higher! 

As you complete more Quests, you will get a feel for how they work and how much to charge. 

If you want to share that knowledge or talk to other creators who have been through their fair share of Quests, our community Discord is also the perfect place to have these discussions!

Hopefully, this article was a good starting point for how much to bid. 
Good luck out there!