How to: build your first Creator Page

Welcome aboard, creators!

We’re thrilled to have you with us here at Lurkit and that you have decided to create your very own Creator Page.

Lurkit offers an easy way for you to connect and share all your content on one page. With this guide, you’ll be up and running in no time!

First of all, take a moment to watch our Getting Started video.

To get started: register, fill in your profile bio, and name your Creator Page.

  1. Register: Go to and click the “GET STARTED” button.
  2. Name your creator page: Choose a name for your Creator Page. This will be visible to everyone (example:
  3. Write a description: Write a short bio about yourself.
  4. Upload a profile picture and header image: Upload a profile picture by simply pressing the profile icon. The same goes for the header image. You can also drag and drop images.

Add integrations and verify your accounts.

  1. Add integrations: Press the “ADD INTEGRATION” button for the specific integration you want on your page.
  2. Verify your account: A new window will open from where you’ll need to approve your account. This will allow us to show your content on your page.

Edit and customize your creator page.

  1. Choose template: Choose a template that you like and press “APPLY”. You can always change this or customize our templates afterward.
  2. Edit page and sections: Press “EDIT” to start editing your Creator Page. Your Creator Page is divided into sections. By pressing the plus (+) sign in the right corner you’ll add a new section to your page. You can choose between eight different layouts for each section. You can easily move a section up or down by pressing the arrows in the right corner.
  3. Cards — and how they work: Each section is based around cards that you can fill with content. Besides adding your stream, video, and social integrations you can also add buttons, and pictures and create lists to other Creator Pages. Add your content by pressing “ADD COMPONENT” and choose the desired integration that you want to put into the card. You can also move cards in a specific section with drag and drop.

Preview and publish your Creator Page.

  1. Save and preview your creator page: Press “SAVE” in the top right corner to save the layout. This lets you preview the design of your Creator Page. Notice that only you can view the Creator Page at this stage. If you want to change something, just press “EDIT”.
  2. Publish your Creator Page: To make your Creator Page public just press “MAKE PUBLIC” in the top right corner after you have saved the layout.

Now that your creator page is set up and looking snazzy, it is time to share it with thousands of other creators in the Lurkit Discord!