Participants Tab

Learn more about the Creator flow and what each tab means.

To get to the Participants tab, simply navigate to your Campaign and click on the Participants section. 


Once here you'll see different subtabs. 


Let's go through each one.

Pending - Pending is the list of Creators who meet your Campaign requirements and are waiting for your approval. Once you have accepted the Creator, they move over to Accepted.

Accepted - This is where Creators who have been accepted into your Campaign show up. Keep in mind that Creators are transitioning into different statuses, meaning the number in Pending will change as the number in Accepted changes. 

When a Creator is accepted, they can then Claim a game key. Campaigns do not officially start until a Creator has claimed a key. Once they claim, the timer starts for them to submit content. 

Claimed Key - Creators who have Claimed a key will move from the Accepted tab over to the Claimed Key tab. You can see what exact key code has been claimed by each individual Creator in this tab by checking the Status column. You can also send more keys, should you need to. 

Submitted Content - The next step in the flow is Submitted Content. Once Creators submit content to your Campaign, they will move from the Claimed Key section/status to Submitted Content. Here you can see how many creators have submitted content for the Campaign.

Rejected - These are all the Creators that you've rejected from the Campaign. Maybe they weren't a good fit or didn't meet your expectations. Whatever the reason, you can see all rejected Creators in this tab. Should you change your mind on a Creator, you can accept them from this tab. 

Waitlist - The Waitlist is where Creators go when they don't meet the requirements to a Campaign but request one anyway. It is different than Accepted/Pending in that they are sorted differently since they did not meet the requirements you set up. You can accept Creators into Campaigns from this Waitlist.  

The final tab to know about isn't in the Participants tab, but is still very important. That is the Results tab. Here you can Flag content by pressing the three dots at the end of the Creator's line. The Results tab also has KPIs related to the Campaign so you can track performance and see data for the Campaign.