What are Quests? (for Companies)

Paid Influencer Marketing.

Quests are Lurkit's Paid Influencer Marketing feature. Set up a Quest and have creators bid for a spot. You can offer counter bids and message content creators directly with Quests! 

Quest Features

Similar to regular Campaigns, you can invite creators to your Quests through the Invite Creators tab on your Quest page. You can use Lurkit's powerful search function to find the perfect matches, whether or not the creator is on Lurkit. 

To see content creators related to a specific Quest, click on the Participants tab. Here you'll see the Pending creators waiting for approval, Ongoing creators whose bid you've accepted, and can Review Content that has been submitted. 

In the Ongoing Tab, you can click the dropdown arrow on the left of a Creator to see the interactions you've had with this creator. From here, you can review the bidding transaction, as well as send messages directly to the creator! 


In the Results tab of a specific Quest, you can see the breakdown of video and stream metrics. Everything from total views, to calculated CPV and CPC can be seen here. 

results page