Why Can't I Submit Content to this Quest?

There are a few reasons why your videos aren't showing up!

Content Submission Dates

If you're trying to submit content that isn't showing up, the first thing you should check is the Submission Dates on the Quest.

You can find this on the Quest page. 

Your content must be published within the dates stated on the Quest page. If your video or stream is before or after this date, it will not show up in the Content Submit screen.


Public Video

Make sure the content is public. The system cannot pick up private videos.



There is a section in the Content Submit page that has a spot for URLs. This is only to be used to include additional content made for the Quest, such as Tweets, or other off-site content that doesn't show up in the Submission Page. 

The above is what it should look like when submitting content. For a valid submission, you must checkmark the box of at least one of these videos after pressing the dropdown on the left. 


Processing Time

After creating content for a Quest, it takes some time for it to be picked up on Lurkit. This can take a few hours, or at maximum, 24 hours. Be sure to check back every couple hours to see if the video shows up on Lurkit after creating it. 

Note: Be mindful not to create content too close to the end of your Quest submission time since you might need a few hours for it to show up on Lurkit.


Still Not Showing Up

If your video is still not showing up, it can be an error with Lurkit trying to fetch your content. Contact support (support@lurkit.com) and explain the situation so we can look into it for you!