What are Quests?

Paid Marketing Campaigns. Complete Quests and get paid by Lurkit!

Quests are a brand new feature in Lurkit that allow you to earn money by completing special Campaigns, or "Quests". 

They work similar to Campaigns, but with a twist. Content Creators can see active Quests that are set by companies and "bid" money for them. 


Bidding is how much you are willing to make content for. You set the price as well as the how long the content will be, and the company will be able to see your bid. You can also chat directly with the publisher once accepted to a Quest, which can help with communication and sorting out the details.

Once accepted, you are entered into the Quest and are expected to deliver this content! You will be paid by Lurkit upon completion of your Quest. 

Similar to Campaigns, the Quests tab in your Creator Home has four different sections: Browse, Offers & Negotiations, Active, and Ended. 

quest tabs